Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coming Soon: The Makeup Show NYC 2014

Hey Loves, 

In just a few short weeks, one of the most anticipated beauty trade shows will be held in my hometown of New York City. The Makeup Show NYC combines over 60 of the best beauty brands, artist education and award winning key note speakers all in one place. Just a year ago, I attended my first show and have been excited ever since then, for this years upcoming one. I know, it's weird and obsessive BUT it's me.

Image Provided By The Makeup Show

Filling the Metropolitan Pavilion like no ones business is an easy task for The Makeup Show. This year will be no different. Alice Lane, who's clients range from Vogue, W, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and V will take the stage to talk "Understanding Beauty". I truly can't wait to see, Joe Dulude, who is one of the artist to create the makeup and characters which has grabbed our attention on the Broadway production of Wicked. You can watch his demonstration LIVE as he brings The Wicked Witch of the West to life on stage. I mean, how amazing is that?

Image Provided By The Makeup Show

That's only to name a few of the astounding artists that take the stage at this two day pro event. But wait, there's more that needs to be told. During their LA show, the first "The Makeup Show Icon Gallery" was unveiled and lucky for the NYC attendees, this will be happening here. This gallery will give you a look inside the legendary artist Kevyn Aucoin. Highlighting his greatest moments, showcasing never before seen works and celebrating his life.

Kevyn Aucoin with Janet Jackson
I can't forget to mention all the hands on workshops that take place! So with all that being said, did you get your ticket already and are you ready to shop with me? Go to themakeupshow.com for more info. The Makeup Show NYC will be held on May 4th and 5th. Keep in mind this show is NOT open to the public, it is a PRO only event.

Stay tuned for my updated post on the show and check out last years show here. Until next time............
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Overalls Takeover + BREAKUPS TO MAKEUP International Giveaway

Hey Loves! 

Even though all my posts are special, this is one of my favorites because it includes a giveaway from an Indie company called "BREAKUPSTOMAKEUP" (which I adore). If you aren't in the beauty industry or on Instagram, you probably are wondering what the heck am I talking about. BUT don't you worry your pretty little face because at the end of this post, you will be totally stoked! (HINT: You can enter to win my tote.)

Moving on............................................

I truly do love weekends where I can throw on a pair of flats and some overalls and spend the day in Brooklyn with my favorite photographer/boyfriend. I know you might be re-reading that last sentence and saying to yourself "did she just say overalls?". Oh yes, I did!

I like to let you guys into my brain, so let me explain my thought process- I think we all had overalls as children. I mean, even the children clothes that are being made in the past few years consist of a full suit or something of that sort. So when I started to see denim overalls everywhere, it reminded me of my childhood and how cool I felt when I wore them. I went on a hunt a few months ago for the perfect pair because I felt like I "needed" them. I already planned out how many times I can wear them and how many things in my closet it can go with. This all happened in my head (obviously). I can't make a purchase, if I can't justify it.

Finally, while browsing a TJ MAXX after a doctors appointment, I found them! The perfect wash and the perfect fit! Since this past Sunday was absolutely beautiful, I threw on some layers, my new light tote from BREAKUPSTOMAKEUP and we were off to my favorite borough! We walked through Williamsburg and ended up at East River State Park. I think, almost everyone tried to read my tote which had the catchy phrase "You Can't Makeup With Us" printed on the front.

Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan and Under Shirt: Target
Shoes: Mandee
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

The lovely Angelique, owner and creator of BREAKUPSTOMAKEUP was gracious enough to provide me with another tote and sticker pack for a giveaway! How awesome is that?

All you have to do if fill out the form below to enter! The giveaway will end on 4/25/2014
It is an international giveaway so everyone tell your friends!

I wish you all luck and don't forget to check out the BREAKUPSTOMAKEUP site! I have more coming from this brand, so stay tuned! Until next time..............

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jergens BB Body Cream Review

Hey Loves, 

When POPSUGAR Select contacted me to review the new Jergens BB Body Cream, I knew I wanted to try it. I am such a moisturizing freak, and I am always looking for the next "big thing" in lotions. To be totally honest with you, I was a tad afraid to try the product because when you hear the term "BB Cream", most of us think "tinted moisturizer". Well ladies and maybe some gentlemen, this product is far from that!

Jergens BB Body Cream (Perfecting Skin Cream) instantly hydrates, illuminates, evens, firms and corrects skin. In less than 5 days, I started to see results. I have been showing off my ankles to people at work for a few days now because I have been so obsessed with this product. When working with this product, there isn't much thought. The sheer, quick drying formula allows you to moisturize and go. No drying time and no waiting!

I find myself reaching for this lotion a lot more than my everyday body lotion. I concentrated more on my lower body when using this because I felt that it would be easier to see a difference. I also have the most imperfections on my legs than anywhere else on my body. In just a few days, I noticed my skin looked much more even.

Check Out My Video for MORE Info and to hear my little voice! 

Until next time..................................

This post was sponsored by Jergens BB Body Cream through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jergens BB Body cream, all opinions are my own. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beauty Review: EDDIE FUNKHOUSER Cosmetics

Hey Loves, 

Let me start off by saying, this post about Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics has been long overdue. I received these products MONTHS ago and have been bragging about them to anyone who would listen but I just didn't have the time to put the post together. Well, finally it's here and I get to tell you all about some new beauty products that hit my makeup stash.

A few months ago I "met" Eddie Funkhouser over twitter right around the time he launched his new makeup line in stores and not just stores BUT local drugstores! For those of you who don't know who Eddie is, you should really get to know him. Longtime makeup artist who's personal mission is to "help women reconnect with their own, natural beauty and source energy through the exploration of color and creativity". His crew was nice enough to send me over some products to try out and I am happy to tell you all, I love them!

Here are the goodies!

Chromographic Lip Color: in "Strip Search" 
How perfect is this color? This bright magenta is so much fun for this time of year. You wouldn't believe how smooth this lipstick goes on. This little tube of heaven contains vitamin E, which works as an antioxidant and nourishes your lips. Along with the mango fruit extract which conditions and smoothes the skin. 

Chromographic Eye Gloss: in "Magic Hour" 
I have never used a product like this, so the first time I opened it-I thought it was a lipgloss. BUT, no! It's for your eyes. Well, I guess you can think of it as lipgloss for your eyes? This pretty iridescent gold, can work with any skin tone. You can apply a little for a nice glowy effect or apply a few coats for a super glossy look. This product also contains vitamin E, C and A. Along with Aloe Vera for soothing and conditioning. 

Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus: in Absolute Black
So, this product looks overly used because, that's exactly what happened. I haven't stopped using this liner. The PERFECT precision tip will help you achieve that slick cat eye with ease. This liner is long wear and I know because I have worn it for over 8 hours and it DOES NOT FADE. 

Quattro Variable Lash Mascara: in Absolute Black
The first time I wore this mascara to work, I had 4 people tell me how long my eyelashes look. I am so amazed by this mascara. It has such a build able formula which allows you to pile it on and if you are like me, you never leave the house without at least 3 coats of mascara on. The product didn't clump and it made my lashes look amazing. With it's unique "FX DIAL" you can achieve 4 different levels of application! This is a must have!

Graffiti Liquid Liner: in "Haze"
I only "played" with this liner once and I couldn't believe how fun it was. I wouldn't normally swipe on a purple glittery liner but the shine of this product was extremely pretty. This is a product that I would use if I wanted to add just a little flare to my look. The day I used it, I totally forgot I had it on and went to sleep with it. The next morning, I woke up with it still in place! 

You can find Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics at some of your local drugstores or online at EddieFunkhouser.com - check out the website for the new line, some makeup inspiration and just all around awesomeness. You can also follow Eddie himself on twitter @EddieFunkhouser and he will gladly answer any questions you have about anything. I love people who are personable over social media and he is a total doll. Big shout out to his clan who sent me the goodies! 

Until next time......................

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Galaxy Quest

Hey Loves!

So it's that time again! Time for a new style post. Honestly, my style posts are my favorite because I get to share my closet with you guys. What's more fun than that? We all have a different sense of style which is perfectly fine but maybe, just maybe someone will be inspired by one of my looks. I am most likely to be inspired by my peers than a celebrity, so that's why sharing my everyday look is fun! I mean, these celebs are pretty to look at but in reality, who is going to walk around with pants that are a bazillion dollars, not I! So finding inspiration in someone who is more like you, is more doable. 

You never know what or who will inspire you, right? 

This outfit is simple and SUPER inexpensive too. I have been looking for a galaxy shirt for a while now and luckily while browsing the Target sale section, I came across this cool print! I saw it one day and didn't pick it up and then went back for some random things and saw it again. I knew then, I had to have it. Same story as always.......

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lipstick Review: MAC Edition

Hey Loves!

I finally was able to add Heroine from MAC to my lipstick collection! I am obviously not wasting anytime and just jumping into this blog post. The moment MAC sent out the email that they have it back in stock, I dropped what I was doing to purchase it! Buying lipstick is like eating Pringles, you just can't have one! With that being said, I also added the new Viva Glam Rihanna to that purchase and couldn't have been any happier!

The two lippies are perfect additions to my collection. The beautiful purple hue of Heroine is just the right touch for spring. I know it has been out for a while now and continues to sell out but this is thee perfect time to get my hands on it! Honestly, if I would have bought this color months ago, I probably would have forgotten about it. I know, I may or may not have too many lip products but that's besides the point. 

Moving on.........

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Love: Come Back To Me

Hey Loves!

I am totally dying for warm weather already! With two days until the official day of spring, I eat up every single warm day. When you are subjected to below freezing temps, 30 degrees starts to sound like crop top weather. Since it's still on the cold side, I try to stay season ready. I don't want to be that confused girl walking around in a summer dress, meanwhile there's still snow on the ground.

Moving on........

I love pairing my denim shorts with a nice pair of stockings. We all know I am no stranger to this trend. I always prefer black, but you can honestly funk it up your outfit with some fun colors. For this outfit, I grabbed my pair of denim cutoffs I bought at a boutique in Brooklyn and paired it with the warmest chunky sweater I own.
Check Out My Look

It started to get a little chilly, so I took the party indoors. I dropped my favorite coffee mug and started posing. My favorite part of these one of a kind shorts, is the detail in the back. According to the ladies in the boutique, they were hand bleached and studded to perfection.
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