Saturday, September 20, 2014

Basking In The Sun

Hey Loves! 

I had the perfect fall day today! The sun was shining and the air was crisp. It was just the right weather to break out one of the many kimonos I own. I mean, who doesn't LOVE a good kimono? Once I find an item I love to style, I end up buying a bunch of them. I know, it's such a bad habit. Kimono's are one of the easiest things to style and they can dress up an outfit in two seconds.  They are my favorite thing to wear as of lately AND it's super easy to layer!

Check out my look! 


Kimono: Mandee/ Tank: Express/ Jeans: Express/ Boots: Express/ Necklace: Mandee


I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend! More fashion and beauty to come! Until next time..................

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beauty Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics Base Perfect Foundation

Hey Loves!

I am always on the hunt for my "go to" beauty products. I feel like we all are or am I just a beauty hoarder? I try many products, some for my blog and some just because. It's a great feeling when you test a product out for a company and have nothing but nice things to say. Enter Gorgeous Cosmetics. I honestly don't remember the last time I used a different foundation. Since I have oily skin, I tend to stick to whatever works. I tried out Gorgeous Cosmetics Base Perfect Foundation last week and was thrilled to find out that it worked with my skin. 

Gorgeous Cosmetics is an Australian born company which was founded by Award-winning Makeup Artist, David McConnell. Currently selling in the US, they are known for their Base Perfect Foundation. I mean, if a company is "known" for something- wouldn't you WANT to try it?

This product is oil free, packed with vitamin A and E AND has an amazing light airy smell. It blends flawlessly and you can achieve a medium to full coverage. I also hear it can cover tattoos! I haven't tried yet but I will try it out soon.

Below is a before and after. Check out the difference!

The before picture (left) is in natural lighting and no flash. I am only wearing mascara and a little lipgloss. In my after picture (right) I added a little blush to warm up my face, lipgloss, mascara and I filled in my eyebrows. I wanted to get a full feel of the foundation. I mean, the difference is amazing. My skin looked airbrushed! I kept it on for awhile the first time I used it and it did not move! It has become my favorite foundation lately.

I have more coming from Gorgeous Cosmetics soon but you can check them out on Nordstrom! If you do find products you are interested in and want to try, you can enter FAN30 at checkout to receive 30% off from now until September 30th on their website! Until next time...............

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Backpacking In The City

Hey Loves! 

I'm reliving my childhood and bringing the backpack BACK into my life (hence the title of this post). I've debating with myself for the whole summer if I should purchase a backpack or not. I had all the normal questions floating through my head- "will I look like a 10 year old?", "Am I jumping on some trend bandwagon?" and the final one,  "Will I REALLY wear it"?

After thinking long and hard and obsessively harassing my boyfriend and friends, I bought one. I found the perfect one at my local Target. Just what I was looking for and for the ideal price! It's my "go to" bag on the weekends and I love adding it to my edgier work looks. When I am running errands or traveling through the city, I always grab this baby!

Check out my look! 
Cardigan: Crossroads Trading/ Tee: Cotton On/ Jeans: Kenneth Cole/ Shoes: PrimaDonna/ Necklace: 9th & Elm/ Bag: Target/ Sunglasses: RayBans


There's so many options when it comes to backpacks. There's one for every fashion personality. I picked a leather one because it fits with EVERYTHING I own. You can choose from leather, canvas or just a straight up funky! I may or may not be purchasing another one. I feel like I need something funky in my life! 

Until next time...........................

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Be Social With Makeup Social

Hey Loves! 

This post is for the true makeup lovers and beauty connoisseurs out there. After discovering this new makeup app called Makeup Social, I just knew I wanted to share it with you guys. I kept seeing screenshots on Instagram and people talking about it here and there, so obviously I had to check it out for myself. I ended up downloading it the day before I went back to work and spent hours on it. I just couldn't stop!

The app is designed to share, learn and shop. You can create an account using either an email address or your Facebook account. All your favorite beauty gurus, makeup artists and beauty lovers are there for you to admire their pictures and learn more about their favorite products. I mean, I always read about a product before I purchase it and now I can hear from girls just like me! Have a question about skincare? Type it in and there are hundreds of beauty enthusiasts just waiting to answer you!

Here's what your profile looks like.

You create your description by filling out your beauty profile. As you can see, this is my profile and right under my picture, it tells you a little about me. Your profile is set up with a few different tabs- My Collection/Wishlist, Reviews and Photos. You can save and review products, create a wishlist for products you want to add to your beauty collection and share fun photos of your makeup looks or nails. Basically whatever tickles your (beauty) fancy.

The Makeup Social app is free and available for Iphone users in the US. Check out to create an account online or simply find it in your Itunes store! You can find me here -see you guys there! 

Until next time..................................

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sephora Collection: Pro 5 Piece Brush Set

Hey Loves! 

Ok, so who doesn't love a good makeup brush? Sephora knew exactly how we felt when they decided to create their 5 piece PRO Brush set. They made them not only for the working Makeup Artist but also for the Makeup Connoisseur. Everyone knows that with the right brush, you are capable of achieving ANYTHING. Maybe I am putting a lot of faith in a blending brush but when I say "anything", I'm thinking more of the perfect smokey eye rather than becoming the next NBA star. I own many different brushes and brush sets. I not only buy them for personal use but also for professional use. With being said, I need the brush or brushes that I'm investing in to work with the products and also sometimes be multifunctional. 

The brush set includes 5 pieces which can also be purchased separately. Including three synthetic made brushes and two natural hair brushes. I played with these babies many times, interchanging them in my makeup routine and I was not disappointed. (Side note: I think I own a total of 6 blending brushes. I figured this out when I was organizing my collection)

Moving on..........................

So lets break these beautiful babies down, in no specific order. 

  1. Pro Smoky Liner #24: Synthetic. You can use this brush for creating a dramatic wing with any liquid or cream product. I LOVE using this brush to smoke out my bottom lashes. It works perfectly. ($17)
  2.  Pro Crease Brush #10: Natural Hair. This brush has just the right amount of stiffness for the precise blending that any crease needs. This is honestly my new favorite blending brush. ($22)
  3. Pro Flawless Airbrush #56: Synthetic. Ok, here's the thing-technically this is a foundation brush and I really did like the "airbrush" look it produced BUT I also have been using this brush to apply my highlighter. It is the perfect size to just swipe across my cheekbones. With a very light hand, of course. ($32)
  4. Pro Airbrush Concealer #24: Synthetic. OMG OMG OMG. Did I say OMG? I love this brush. I never use a brush to blend my concealer and once I used this, I was utterly impressed. Never again will I use a beauty blender. I used small circular motions and it worked flawlessly. I've also used it to blend my shadows AND apply highlight. I mean, I love when something can be used for more than one thing. ($24)
  5. Pro Angled Shadow #13: Natural Hair. This is the perfect brush for a brow bone highlight or even to add a pop of color to your inner corners of your lids. Another multi-use brush. ($20)
When comparing these brushes to other bigger brands, I must say the Sephora Brush Collection definitely can hold it's own. You can find them at any Sephora or Have you guys tried these brushes yet? Or even stopped by to see them in-store? What do you think? 

Until next time.........................................

Monday, September 1, 2014

MARCELLE x Birchbox = Best Day Ever

Hey Loves! 

Oh, how I have missed you guys. BUT that is besides the point. A few weeks ago, I was able to stop by the new Birchbox Store in Soho. I've been meaning to go in and check it out but I just haven't had the time. Since I am part of their Birchblogger program, I was picked to attend their FIRST in store blogger event with Marcelle Cosmetics. Exciting right? I know, I was thrilled when I got the email. Not only was I able to see the gorgeous store but there was a makeup demo with Marcelle Cosmetics and some other wonderful things happening that day. Two words: Lipgloss Bar.

Moving on.........

Marcelle Cosmetics is a Canadian based company that promises "Beauty without compromise".  That means no perfumes and hypo-allergenic beauty products. We were able to take a few products home with us and learn a little about the company that day. Are you ready for the best part? I mentioned it a few minutes ago- There was a Lipgloss Bar! We had the opportunity to create our own unique lipgloss colors!

(some photos were taking with my Iphone so the lightening isn't great.) 

We first chose the Base Color (step 1), then the Finish (step 2) and last the Special Effect (Step 3). We had a special "mixologist" on hand who brought our creations to life. Check him out below.

After all the chatting and mingling, we all walked away with special one of a kind glosses.  It was genuinely so much fun to create my own color. So hard to decide but still fun! 

I was pretty eager to play around with their products when I got home. I am a eyeshadow palette hoarder so I was obviously happy when I saw this beautiful palette in the bag. I like shadow palettes because sometimes I don't want to "think" when I am doing my eyes. It's nice to have colors in one place that just go together. I am obsessed with the deep blue in this palette by the way. All the colors are gorgeous and they go a long way. If you want to intensify any of the colors I would recommend using a damp eyeshadow brush.

I used this palette the other day when I went out for dinner with some friends. I created a simple but fun look. I was dying to use that deep blue (as I mentioned, I fell in love with the color) so I blended some into my outer corners and used it on by waterline.

The shadows went on smoothly and had minimal fall out. I normally look like a raccoon while I apply my eyeshadow but I noticed I didn't have much to clean up. The last few times I went out, I grabbed for this palette so that is a good sign.

Here are the gorgeous glosses I created. The glosses are on the sheer side but add a nice kick to any look.

Their cleanser is pretty interesting to use- I personally never heard of a BB Cream Cleanser but it does exist, as you can see. It's a cleanser that doesn't need to be rinsed off and works overnight to give you that BB Cream effect all the time. So far, I love their BB Cream (right)- the couple of times I used it, I had no complaints. Lightweight and not oily.
I really enjoyed learning about Marcelle Cosmetics. I have a feeling you guys will be seeing a lot of them on TFBJ. Big thank you to Birchbox for hosting such a great event. Check out Marcelle Cosmetics and see all the amazing beauty products they have to offer! 

Until next time...................

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Weekender: It's A Drag

Hey Loves! 

I couldn't let the summer go by without wearing this maxi dress I picked up last year at Crossroads Trading Co. It's so flowy and comfortable to wear. The only problem is that since i'm short or petite would be the better term, I almost ALWAYS have to wear heels or else it drags. Sucks, right? I normally would just put a belt on and pull it up a little bit but- with this particular dress, I couldn't do it because of the material. The dress is also a tube top so it had a "break" from where the tube material ended. The point is, it would've looked weird with a belt. 

Moving on.........

I obviously had to layer something on top. Being that it was a tube, I needed my shoulders "hidden". I thought a denim vest would have been too predictable, so instead I picked a denim button down. What can I say? I love denim. Duh. The denim tied button down worked perfectly because it allowed me to pull the dress up a little bit higher and pair it with a tiny heeled sandal. Sweet! 

Check out my look! 

How cute are my accessories?! I was able to work with a GREAT website which carries handmade and independent designs! When 9th & Elm reached out to me, I was so excited. I love anything handmade and one of a kind. My "Suma" necklace took a little long to get to me but it was worth the wait. The exact necklace isn't currently available BUT if you check out the site here you can find so many more personalized jewelry! My tribal watch and wrap bracelet (below) is also from 9th & Elm.

More Details:
Dress: Crossroads Trading Co/ Button Down: Cotton On/  Bag: Thursday Friday similar here
Blue Turquoise necklace & Ring: Aldo's /Watch, Suma Necklace & Wrap Bracelet: 9th & Elm/
Shoes: Shoedazzle

 I hope you all have a fab week and I will see you guys soon with some more fashion and beauty! 
Until next time..................................

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