Friday, July 24, 2015

Body Talk and Such

Hey Loves, 

There's been a lot of buzz lately about body-shaming and body positive images around social media and such. I mean, just a few weeks ago, there was that whole O Magazine debacle (which I will chalk up to a bad choice of words). The other day, I shared on my Facebook page a post I wrote over a year ago about pulling off a crop top for any size (for those of you who don't remember you can find it here). The reason why I wrote that post is because a girl like me, who isn't as "thin' as the next girl may want to wear a crop top. Trust me, I know.... I'm still petite and most people wouldn't even consider me to be "plus sized" and you know honestly, I don't even consider myself a plus size. BUT unfortunately society tends to make that judgement on other peoples' bodies. My size is the size I am regardless if it's plus or minus. Who really cares? 

Moving on.............

The point is, I love my body and do I sometimes criticize it? Of course. Do I get upset at it when it decides to eat a cup of nutella ice cream from Carvel (which is my weakness)? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean I am not utterly proud of the way I look. Let me stop myself here before this turns into a righteous post on how everyone is beautiful and forget what everyone else thinks because 1) that is easier said than done and 2) I think you guys have read enough of those type of posts. BUT, what I do want to leave you with is this: If it feels comfortable and you are rocking the sh*t out of it, then I say wear it! Make it you and make it work. 

Crop Top: Made out of an old t-shirt/ Pants: Found while thrifting/ Shoes: Express/ Lipstick: Model Co "Disco fever w/ MAC's Brick liner/ Necklaces: Jami Rodriguez, Aldo and Mandee

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you are living with who you are and if you don't like you, no one else will like. So with that being said, make sure you love yourself and embrace who you are because you are your biggest fan. Until next time.........

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beauty Review: Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation

Hey Loves! 

So I've tested it out (for awhile) and now, I'm back to tell you all about it. I heard many great things about Maybelline's FIT me! collection, so I had to invest some time into trying it. You know when you're watching television and a makeup commercial comes on and you're like "I totally need to try that"- BUT always forget to get it when you get to the drugstore? THAT kept happening to me with this foundation. I kept telling myself that I needed to try it and just never picked it up. Until one day, that glorious day back in June when I was strolling my drugstore for no good reason and came across a stocked Maybelline aisle. 

Moving on.........

I picked up a few to test out on the back of my hand and finally settled with number 330, "Toffee Caramel". I posted this image below on my insta a few weeks ago and stated that even though it looked a little light in the bottle, it blended nicely. Still a very true statement. I have worn this foundation for the past couple of weeks, every chance I get.

This particular Fit Me Foundation is for normal to oily skin types. I have oily skin and I love a matte finish. I used a flat kabuki brush to apply and blend the foundation onto my face. The foundation blended and stayed in place for about 8 hours (for me). I did feel around the 6th to 7th hour, I had to blot my T zone. It wasn't extremely oily but I just felt it. If I was having an all nighter, I would definitely have to reapply a bit and do a touch up. I would consider this a medium coverage foundation. You can use more or less depending on the coverage you like.

As you can see in the picture above, it blurred a lot of my imperfections. The fine lines on my forehead aren't as visible and neither are my pores- so that'a a PLUS! The photo was taken in natural sunlight without any flash. My skin looked very natural and I like that in a foundation. I love when skin actually looks like skin. Overall, I find the Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation to be a keeper. For the price, it's worth trying. I picked mine up at Rite Aid for $8. I would love to know if anyone else has tried this foundation or any other products from this line!

Until next time...................

Friday, July 3, 2015

Safari Feelings: Where Have I Been?

Hey Loves!

Ah, where do I begin? I haven't shared outfits, beauty goodies or anything on TFBJ for at least a month. I know, sad right? I have been slacking on my social media sites like Instagram and Twitter also. Let me tell you, life gets in the way. For those of you that keep up to date with me, you know that I work full time. Along with working, I decided to go back to school and finish my degree. I mean, I know I'm like a hundred years old, but it's something that I know I need and want to do at this point in my life. With anything, life gives you chances and sometimes you can let those chances pass you by or you can jump on them. I decided to JUMP.

Moving on.......

I hate being that type of blogger that says things like "I have big things coming up" and blah blah blah. I feel like that is so vague and annoying (also I know I am guilty of doing that sometimes). To be honest the way I procrastinate it may take FOREVER for these things to happen. I do have many ideas I still want to share with you guys and special things coming up. I am in the process of finishing up my summer classes. OH! and I had appendicitis too- so that basically set me back at least two weeks. I really do enjoy sharing my life with you guys. Even if it's just with a picture of my dog on Instagram. Little things like that make me feel connected to my audience. I had a doctors appointment the other day to get my staples out (yuck), so I decided to wear something other than sweats. Check out my latest look!

 Dress:Target / Vest:YMI / Necklace:Shinymix find it here / Shoes:Shoedazzle/ Lipstick: MAC's "Up The Amp"/ Ring: Vanessa Mooney c/o Rocksbox

Well, with all that said I hope to be back with more goodies soon! Stay tuned and thanks for sticking by me! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Black and Blue

Hey Loves! 

It's getter warmer and my clothes are getting looser. Well, most of my clothes are. You will rarely ever find me in a tight fitting top. Stop me if I told you this, but I truly feel uncomfortable when my clothes are clinging to me. I don't mind the snug fitting skinny BUT I do mind when my shirts are super tight. That's why I LOVE this shirt from Old Navy. Honestly, most of the things I find in Old Navy, I love and no- they did NOT pay me to say that! 

Moving on...........

I went out to brunch the other day with some of my girlfriends and I wanted to be comfy but still look on trend. I couldn't wait to break out this top! I wore my favorite pair of black skinnies and my new pair of sandals. I always like to keep my look simple with a couple of statement pieces. 

 Check out my look! 

Shirt: Old Navy/ Necklace: Forever 21/ Jeans: YMI/ Sandals: Payless/ Bag: Chanel

My necklace and Chanel bag made the perfect statement! Not only did they stand out but they complimented my outfit. How do you make a statement?

Until next time......

Monday, May 25, 2015

Lovely Happenings Lifestyle Workshop Event

Hey Loves! 

It's finally time to tell you guys about the amazing event I was able to be a part of. The first ever Lovely Happenings Lifestyle workshop took place in NYC- and needless to say, it was AMAZING. I was asked to share some beauty goodness with the guest/attendees but I decided to twist it up a but. I dragged the boyfriend, my brother and my sister-in- law to help. I wanted to show how easy it was to add some fun summer braids to your hair. The moment I started braiding my sister-in-law, Ester's hair (she was my hair model)- I had a line of ladies waiting to get braided. How was I going to say no? 

The event took place at Drift Studios and it was the perfect setting. Rachael and Jaclyn (the ladies behind Lovely Happenings) made this interactive pintrest-y event impeccable. The mimosas were flowing and so much excitement was happening. Let me tell you, there were some amazing bloggers and amazing brands there. 

Here are some highlights! 

This was the first time participating in an event like this and even though my feet were killing me, it was totally fun. Thank you to all my friends and family who came out to support me! A very special thank you to Jaclyn and Rachael for giving me the chance to participate in this event! 

Stay tuned for more info because there's another event coming up this fall! Weeeeeee! 

Until next time...........

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bring It Back To Life

Hey Loves! 
I know I've been wearing a lot of old school finds from my Mom's closet. Thank goodness I have a fashionable mom! Denim is my favorite color and when I found this denim dress in her closet, I knew I had to bring it back to life! I remember my Mom wearing this dress when I was younger, the only difference is, it was ankle length. When I say "was" I mean, I cut it into this knee length number. I played around with the idea of keeping the dress ankle length BUT I own scissors and had to use them. I was a thousand percent sure I was going to love it once it was a little shorter. Since I am on the petite side, it just made sense. 
Moving on......
I stayed neutral with all my surrounding colors. Since, the denim is on the lighter side, I didn't want to clash. Trust me, it's possible to clash with denim! Check out my look! 

I kept the hem "undone" because I LOVED the way it looked. 
Tee: American Outfitters/ Sandals: Express/ Necklace: House of Harlow/ Ring: Kendra Scott/ Sweater: Strawberry/ Lipstick: Flower Beauty/ Eyeliner: Wet n' Wild

I love taking things and making them my own. It's the best part of having style! Until next time......

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mani Time: It's A Nail! Review

Hey Loves!

I can't believe it nor will YOU believe it BUT I haven't painted my nails in over a month. It's not because I don't want to or that I have given up on life- it's mainly because I DON'T HAVE TO! Don't worry, I haven't gone crazy. I'm going to tell you guys all about it. As you know, I love a funky nail design. Doing my own manicure is actually relaxing for me. A few months ago, a great company called Its A Nail! contacted me about their nail wraps. I'm always skeptical about doing product reviews because sometimes things don't work out in their favor. This time, things worked out perfectly.

Moving on..........

First off, I was FLOORED by the wear and tear of these nail wraps. My nails held up for more than two full weeks, I actually decided to change them because I was getting tired of the design. Other than that, I really didn't need to change them. It's A Nail Appliqu├ęs are made of real nail polish and are long lasting. The brand has created the perfect manicure which can be achieved in minutes AND at home!

"Play Along" 
"Ocean Jewel"

I have received so many compliments on both manicures. It's A Nail! is more than just a "nail sticker", it's real polish for an easy manicure! This is a company I can invest in. Easy to use and easy to remove! Try them for yourself, you WILL be hooked!

Until next time........


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