Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bandana Style | Hair Tutorial

Hey Loves! 

I haven't done a hair tutorial in MONTHS, maybe even over a year! I was inspired after cutting my bangs (yea, I did it again). I think my bangs will always have a recurring role in my life. This week, I'm sharing an updated way to style a bandana. Normally, people always associate a bandana in a woman's hair with the "pin-up" look. Well, there's more ways to wear it, obviously.  I love pairing this look with a tee and a great pair of denim. It's perfect for second day hair, too! 

Check out my step by step! 

* Find a regular size bandana 
(I picked up mine from Ricky's)

Fold it in half, then twist it.

Create a knot in the middle.

Wrap around and tie in the back

Secure with bobby pins if needed


I'm also sharing this look on Lovely Happenings Blog this week to kick off their first event coming up this May in NYC! Guess who will be there? ME! Get your tickets at -I hope to see you all there! I will be sharing some MORE beauty "stuff". I'm being vague on purpose so you are forced to come see me! 

Until next time.........

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cool Kids Club

Hey Loves,

My sneaker collection is starting to GROW, like HUGE. You don't even understand how much I couldn't wait to break out my platform Converse (since Christmas). This classic sneaker with a twist, is perfect. You probably have already noticed that the 70's are back in full swing. These platform chucks are an ideal way of touching on that 70's style without the overload.

Moving on......

The weather has been good to me. The sun has been amazing- the wind has been annoying. The day I went out to shoot this outfit, it was terribly windy. I thought I was going to be BLOWN away! Check out how I styled my Converse and dealt with the wind!

Jacket: JOUJOU/ Sweatshirt: Mighty Fine/ Button Down: So for Kohls/ Jeans: Old Navy/ Sneakers: Converse/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban

SEE! I wasn't kidding about the WIND! Now, back to the coolness......

A pair of white sneakers are a spring/summer staple. Easy to style and comfy for those lazy days. Converse is a perfect option because they can be paired with anything and are reasonably priced! Check out their site for more options! Until next time.........

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stop And Smell The Roses With Pinrose

Hey Loves! 

I'm not sure if you're like me but the perfume section of department stores is my own personal hell. I avoid it at ALL costs! Too many scents in one place and NO! I don't want you to spray me, I will pass. Finding the perfect scent can become overwhelming. I mean, the bottles alone can be distracting! Pinrose has taken this difficult task of trying out perfumes to a whole new level.

You start off by answering a series of questions to determine which scents will fit you the best. It will then generate two scents and you can order one or both! Pinrose will send you individual scented towelettes called "Petals" and you can try them out. It's easier to narrow down your favorite scent when you can do it in the convenience of your own home.

Pinrose sent me a bunch of their petals to try and it was very hard to pick a favorite. I've had them for months and switched in between my regular perfume routine. What I liked the most about the towelettes is that they had descriptions on the back. Things like "traits", "sips like", "perfect for" and "sounds like".  You wouldn't believe it but they were pretty accurate. My favorites turned out to be "Renegade Starlet", "Merry Maker" and "Treehouse Royal".

Pinrose on Make A Gif

You can check out for more info. The Pinrose Sample Starter Kit runs for about $9. If you are currently looking for your perfect spring scent, you are in luck, they have tons to try! Until next time....

Monday, April 6, 2015

Smile's Away + $50 Shopping Spree to 9th & Elm

Hey Loves!

I have never been the type to wear something that was monogramed- if I'm being totally honest. It's not because I don't like it, but I don't have a middle name. I mean, I thought that's how it worked, you needed three initials. I would see cute monogrammed necklaces but "knew" it wouldn't work because of my lack of middle initial. I know, sad... right? While shopping online, I came across the cutest floral monogramed necklaces on 9th and Elm  and wanted one! So I figured, let me give this a try.

Moving on..........

The day that I wore it to work, I received so many compliments on it! I thought to myself. "why didn't I snag this thing earlier?" The weather is getting so nice out. With a few layers, you are good to go! Check how I styled my new necklace!

This jump only took two takes, I'm getting good at it! 

Sweater: Old Navy/ Button Down: Cotton On/ Pants: Strawberry/ Boots: Sam & Libby for Target/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban/ Necklace: 9th & Elm / Lipstick: Wet n' WIld

I truly love shopping on 9th & Elm because they have so many options for handmade and original merchandise. Since they're so awesome, they are running a giveaway from 4/7 - 4/17. The giveaway is opened to my US and Canadian readers. Winner will be picked by 9th & Elm. Good Luck! Until next time...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dress For The Occasion

Photos By Sally Prisco Photography

Hey Loves, 

I'm very big on the whole idea of "dressing for the occasion"- what does this mean? It means following the three W's- What, Where and When. What type of event is it? Where is it? Is it in someone's house? A restaurant? and finally, When is it? Is it in the afternoon? Evening? I know, it sounds like a lot to ask yourself before you get dressed BUT who wants to show up over or under dressed? Right? 

Moving on.......

A couple of weeks ago, my friend had a baby shower and I really did NOT know what to wear. Spring started but it was still chilly and rainy that day. I ramsacked my closet and draws and came across this dress, which I picked up at Target awhile back. I thought it was perfect. It was bright and perfect for the current season- but not over the top. The baby shower was being held at a restaurant, so I knew I had to glam it up (just a bit). Knowing my style, I'm never over the top. I added my favorite faux leather jacket and my strappy pumps, and hit the road. I felt girly glam with my normal rocker chic (due to my jewelry). Check out my look! 

Dress: Target/ Shoes: Sam & Libby for Target/ Bag: Primadonna/ Ear Cuff and Ring: Aldo/ Necklace: Strawberry/ Jacket: Strawberry

Dressing for the 'occasion" can be hard sometimes. Especially when the weather decides it doesn't want to cooperate with you. Here are some other cute combos that can be paired together for any casual or formal event. Keep it simple and stick with what you are familiar with. Maybe pairing a moto-jacket with florals is too edgy for you- you can always opt for a structure blazer! 

Until next time........

Sunday, March 22, 2015

DIY | No Sew Denim Hem

Hey Loves!

My denim ALWAYS ends up the same way- folded into a small cuff. Sometimes by choice and sometimes because they're so long! Most of the time, I can find pair of petite denim that fits. I may have to roll them up once, but overall- the length will be suitable. The real problem I have is when I purchase a nice pair of ripped denim that does NOT come in lengths. Or when you find a pair on sale and NEED to have them but it's a 4 Long. Now here is where this DIY comes in handy!  

Taking a pair of cute denim to get hemmed can run you about 15-25 bucks. Trust me, I've been there and when I get them hemmed, I always like the original hem look (that's about $25). So eventually, I had to come up with my own solution. Here's the thing, I don't mind taking them to get hemmed but eventually it adds up. I mean, you buy a pair of pants on sale for $14.99 but it costs $25 to hem them- does that make sense? I think NOT. I rather save the time and the money. Here's an easy tutorial to get your new favorite pair of denim, out of the bag and onto your body! I mean, this bunched up look isn't cute!

Let's get to the DIY-ing! 

Things You Will Need: Denim (duh), something to measure the length, a scissor that cuts fabric. The dog is optional. 

Measure: I measured about 2 & 1/2 inches. Make sure you give yourself some room. DO NOT OVER CUT. You can always cut more, at the end. Keep in mind, the denim may shrink when washed.

Cut: I cut the two leg openings together and took my time cutting. The fabric will move, so if you cut too fast you will end up with unmatched ends. The ends won't be perfect but that's where the final step comes in.

Fold: You can either fold them one time or double. I always end up folding them twice. I like the look of them. 

You can even rock them with a pair of sneakers! 
You know my DIY's are always Easy Peasy and I will continue to share them! If you end up snipping your denim, please send me a picture! You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Until next time...................

Monday, March 16, 2015

Lets Mix It Up | Pattern Play

Hey Loves! 

You wouldn't believe the amount of times someone asked me today "I thought it was against the rules to wear stripes and polka dots together?"- My answer? "There are NO rules when it comes to fashion". I mean, are we really still trying to conform to these so called "rules"? I think not. I love stepping outside of that box and spreading my style wings every now and then. Since spring has been peeking its head out, I thought it was the perfect time to mix it up. 

I found this skirt for five bucks at a local boutique. I didn't even try it on, but I knew somehow I can work it into my wardrobe. I added this lightweight cardigan over for color and function- the weather still gets a bit chilly. Check out my look!   

Striped Sweater: Old Navy/ Cardigan: Forever 21/ Tights: Target/ Belt: Strawberry/ Shoes: Sam Edelman/ Neckalce: Ricky's NYC/ Bracelets: Alex & Ani

It's fun to try new things and pair different patterns together. When I am mixing patterns, I try to stay in the same color family. I mean, there's no real way to style patterns, it's honestly what you're comfortable trying. Here's two more options for trying patten play!
Until next time.........................


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