Friday, September 4, 2015

It's It Ice Cream | Wearable Gear

Hey Loves! 

It'a almost here, the end of summer. I know, I know I shouldn't even speak those words. I mean, don't get mad at me, I'm just the one bearing the (bad) news. Before the leaves start to turn colors and pumpkin spice fills the air, I wanted to share this style post featuring It's It Ice Cream. It's It Ice Cream is a San Francisco based ice cream company. They have been crafting ice cream sandwiches for over 100 years! Crazy, right? The wonderful people at It's It Ice Cream sent me this super comfy t-shirt a while back and I finally had the chance to style it. I love a perfect graphic tee. What makes a "perfect graphic tee" you ask? Well, there's a few things it needs: It needs to be cozy, the right fit and long enough to tuck in. These are just my requirements but honestly, the list could go on. 

Moving on.........

What I love about this shirt from It's It Ice Cream is it hits ALL of my requirements. After I went out to shoot the pictures for this post (which that day was brutally humid so excuse the shiny-ness), I ended up wearing it all day long (normally I come home and change in to "home clothes"- you know, pj's, stained tees or my boyfriend's favorite shirt.) I loved wearing this shirt and can't wait to mix it into my fall wardrobe. It has the perfect fall colors in it! Check out how I styled it.
Shirt: It's It Ice Cream / Shorts: DIY Levi's Cutoffs (I found a pair of high-waisted men's jeans and just cut them) / Sneakers: Old Navy / Necklace: Express

You can get more info and shop It's It Ice Cream apparel here and if you're looking to try their ice cream sandwich here are some NYC retailers that carry it:
  • Fresh Direct
  • The Bedford Cheese Shop (Brooklyn & Manhattan)
  • Greene Grape Provisions (Brooklyn)
  • Pacific Standard (Brooklyn) 
  • Picolo CafĂ© (Manhattan) 
  • Foragers Market 
  • Rippers (Rockaway Beach) 
Until next time..................

Monday, August 17, 2015

Wide Leg and Relaxed

Hey Loves! 

My love for vintage and thrifted clothing has grown so large over the past few years. I have so many amazing vintage stores I love to shop at. My favorite is my mother's closet. No, that's not a trendy boutique in Brooklyn, I actually mean MY mother's closet. I tend to go through her closet every once in awhile and I can almost always count on finding something. There is always an item that I can repurpose or re-wear. I mean, does my mother LOVE the fact that I cut her old jeans into shorts? Of course not. BUT hey, no one was wearing it anyways.

Moving on...........

I found these cute wide leg high-waisted trousers the other day. I remember my mom wearing these back in the 90's. She wore them with a button front crop top (which I may or may NOT have taken also). I knew exactly how I wanted to style them the moment I tried them on. I paired them with a simple white tank and some gladiator sandals. I gave them a major cuff to lengthen me a bit. Easy peasy for a relaxed summer look. I know I will be taking these pants into the fall. I can pair them with a pair of sneakers or ballet flats and it will be perfect. For now, check out my latest look!

Tank: Old Navy/ Pants: Vintage/ Bag: Target/ Sandals: Express/ Sunglasses: Armed & Readi/ Lips: OCC RTW LIP TAR in "Anime"/ Ring: Claires and Rocksbox

Thrifting will always be fun for me but nothing is as fun as finding things in my mom's closet! Until  next time...........

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lip Tar Lovers Rejoice: Lip Tar / RTW

Hey Loves, 

Lip Tar LOVERS rejoice. Your prayers have been answered, well at least mine have. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  has launched their Ready To Wear (RTW) Collection (woooohooo!). If you're familiar with the OCC brand, you know they're known for their long lasting Lip Tars which are amazing and come in a fun range of colors. I have been a fan of these products for a while now. When the brand first launched, it was a pro only brand. Meaning, only makeup artists or those who worked in the industry were able to get their hands on them. When OCC decided to take the makeup world by storm and release their products to us normal folks- they didn't disappoint and needless to say, we went nuts! 

Moving on.............

After seeing their RTW Collection in person, I was once again impressed. OCC stuck to their same ingenious formula, fast drying and non-budging (which is great). The product is NOW more user friendly. To be honest, I don't wear my lip tars as often because it can get messy. After careful thought, they created the perfect applicator, and a smaller wand for a more precise application. Being that the product is so opaque, the new tube is created with a tighter reducer so you don't end up with too much product on the applicator. SWEET! 

I was able to swatch a few of my favorites on my hand before the large crowd came. Aren't they gorgeous? 

The line will consist of 25 colors and will be sold on the OCC site! For $15 a piece, I know that these babies will have a place in your beauty world. Until next time............

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Denim Doll | Mini Adventure

Hey Loves,

So about a week ago, the bf and I decided to venture out of the city and hit up Tarrytown, NY. Sometimes I get a little tired of the same old restaurants and coffee places around me. Since I knew we were going to be heading that way, I did a little research. I found a coffee place called "Coffee Labs" that had amazing reviews so I knew that would be our second stop (the first being food, of course). I love trying new coffee places. For those of you who don't like coffee, most of the time they do carry special teas. Coffee Labs actually had an amazing array of drinks that weren't coffee related.

Moving on......................

After having lunch at what I only could describe as a trendy deli (can't remember the name), we walked up the block to Coffee Labs. I tried their Soy Iced Mocha Latte, which was delish. To be honest, coffee is my drug of choice. We explored other places around the town and even went to a cool trail. I love stepping out of the city and it was the perfect day to do so! Check out my look that I sported around Tarrytown!

Outfit Details:
 Headband: Le Bunny Bleu/ Tank: TJ Maxx/ Denim: Old Navy/ Sandals: Toms/ Clutch: Aldo/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban/ Bracelets: A mixture of Alex & Ani and Claires

It was a nice change of scenery from the norm of the busy city. Like I mentioned earlier, we even found a cool trail to stop at on the way back home. 

I'm hoping to explore some other cool towns soon. Change up the outlook of TFBJ a little. Stay tuned for other Mini Adventures and maybe some other great coffee places too! Until next time...........

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Maximize Your Maxi: Part Two

Hey Loves! 

Sometime last week, I shared the first part of "Maximize Your Maxi". It was fun to show how a simple change can kick your outfit up a notch or two. As I mentioned in last week's post, I like to have more than one option when wearing something. With that being said, THIS week I'm here with part two! My look (for this week) was actually my favorite and perfect for a night out. I love to layer clothing and if you pick the right fabric, you won't die of a heatstroke either. 

Moving on.......

When layering in the summer, I stick to light, breathable fabric. I am keen to the Old Navy Relaxed Tanks- they're perfect for layering under and over things. I took my black one which I've already worn a billion times this summer and put it over the maxi dress. I tied a little knot on the side so it would cinch my waist (you know how I love that) and look more put-together. Check out my look!
Dress: Target / Tank: Old Navy / Necklace: Forever 21 / Shoes: Shoedazzle / Bag: Target / Lipstick: Melt Cosmetics

See! Easy peasy! You can also wear the tank over without making the knot. I don't always like to do that because I'm on the petite side and it tends to make me look shorter. Maybe it's in my head.... Anyhow, I hope this post was helpful and added some life to your summer maxi dresses. You can find Part One here. Until next time........

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beauty Tuesday: Love Your Selfie | #PURselfie

Hey Loves! 

I didn't make it for Makeup Monday so instead I am making today, Beauty Tuesday. I was super excited when I was contacted by the company PUR Minerals. They're known for their amazing skincare products. Unfortunately for me, I have never had the chance to try anything from them. The lovely PUR team sent me this gorgeous palette and I couldn't wait to play with it. I mean, as you can see from the photo above, I used it before I had the chance to take a fresh photo of the palette. I know, bad blogger. 

Moving on.........

The Love Your Selfietravel friendly kit comes with everything you need for a day or night makeup look. It has 8 limited-edition eyeshadows which are cleverly named Exposure, Fade, Filter, Photobomb, Flash, Capture, Sepia and Closeup. It also includes PUR's number one selling lipgloss and mascara. Last but not least, it has a Bronzer, Blush and a GORGEOUS Illuminating Powder so you can get your glow on.

I put together two looks because I wanted show you guys how diverse the palette can be. I really love all the shadows in this palette. They are right up my ally when it comes to the colors. They can be layered together or worn alone. They blended very smoothly and had little to no fall-out. That's always a plus for me. Who really wants to have shadow lingering all over their face? Not I! Check out my two beauty looks!
Look One
Eyes: "Fade" all over lid / "Filter" on lid stopping at the crease & lower lash line / "Sepia" blended in outer corner of the lid / "Exposure" inner corners / "Big Look" Mascara 
Face: "Savvy" Blush on cheeks / "Afterglow" as highlighter 
Lips: "Exposed" Lipgloss

Look Two
Eyes: "Fade" all over lid / "Flash" on lid up to crease / "Photobomb" on lid but I lightly swept it all over / "Big Look" Mascara 
Face: Mineral Glow Bronzer on cheeks 

The possibilities are endless! You can find this palette on the Pur Minerals website and also at Ulta stores. The Love Your Selfie Kit runs for $39. Can't beat that!  You can check out the hashtag #PURselfie on Instagram for more beauty inspirations. 

Until next time...............

Sunday, August 2, 2015

How To Maximize Your Maxi: Part One

Hey Loves!

Summer is the perfect time for a comfy maxi dress. In all honesty, maxi dresses are the equivalent to sweatpants. With that being said, a cute maxi is my "go to" summer style. Like with everything in my closet, I always try to maximize the pieces I own- So no two looks are the same. It can take the simplest change to make a whole new look. In comes the topic of the day, "How To Maximize Your Maxi". This post is a two part series (fun, right?). It's kind of like my "Outfit Remix" from last year. The silhouette of a maxi dress is not always the most flattering. I like to add a belt so it cinches my waist and shortens the length. My 5'2(ish) self has what we call "dragging maxi syndrome". What's dragging maxi syndrome you ask? It's when you are too short for the dress and it drags on the floor.

The dress is super cute on it's own BUT........

Dress: Target/ Belts: Target/ Sandals: Payless/ Bangles: Forever 21/ Necklace: Mandee/ Lipstick: Ofra "Laguna Beach"

A simple change but makes a world of difference. I added the second belt to my look for the pop of color. It's muted but stands out nicely. The second look will be up soon, so stay tuned! Until next time...........


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