Monday, July 28, 2014

The Weekender: Leopard Detail

Hey Loves!

The weekend really does feel like it comes and goes so quickly, doesn't it? Everyone has a different idea of what's comfortable to wear for those two days of lounging, and my idea is something edgy but easy. This past weekend, we went down to Brooklyn to grab some dinner, so I put on my favorite pair of Soludos and some cut offs I picked up at a boutique in Brooklyn. Check out my look! 

Tee: H&M/ Shorts: Jakamo/ Bag: Mandee/ Shoes: Soludos/ Necklace: Baublebar/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban

How did you style your weekend look? Do you choose comfy? Until next time.......

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mani Time: Neon Nails

Hey Loves, 

You know that feeling you get when you find money in a pair of pants? I had that feeling today when I came across this bottle of Milani Nail Polish I had misplaced. I never got the chance to EVER use this color so when I found it (it was in the bottom of a bin), I was ecstatic. I went for a pretty simple nail design this time around.  Changing up the ring finger just for fun! Check it out.

Milani "Pink Hottie"/ Zoya "Raven"/ Sally Hansen: Quick Dry Top Coat

Neons are always hot during the summer, so I would label this a "perfect summer mani". Until next time.....................................

Monday, July 21, 2014

Crop Top Fit Tips For Any Size : Easy Wear

Hey Loves, 

This summer is the summer of crop tops. I know, not the easiest thing to wear when you aren't a size 2 right? It can be a little tricky fitting this trend into your wardrobe BUT I found the trick or tricks to rocking a crop top and feeling amazing while you do it.  I was once a skinny mini back in the day but my metabolism has slowed down and to be honest, I like cake. Lots of cake. I still love wearing trendy crops, so I had to find my own solution to wearing these beloved crop tops. Check out my tips and my latest look.

Cover-Up: I always add some sort of sweater or kimono while wearing a crop top. It gives me a little more confidence because my whole waist line isn't showing. I choose light materials to use as a cover-up because obviously I don't want to sweat.

Elastic Waistband: I pair my crop top with a bottom that has an elastic waist band so I have a little give. No one wants a muffin top while trying to look cute.

Over The Belly Button: This is KEY! The space between your chest and belly button is probably the most flattering part, so work with it. Most people think their waistline is actually where their hips are but it's not. Your waistline is much higher and it may not be 24" but it can still be complimented.

I hope my tips help and give you a little more confidence to wear a crop top! Here's my full look!

Top: Mandee/ Sweater: Target/ Pants: Cotton On/ Sandals: Rocket Dog/ Sunglasses: Armed and Readi/ Bag: Phillip Lim for Target/ Jewels: Express, Aldo and Ricky's NYC

Until next time........................

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pineapple Nail Art Tutorial

Hey Loves, 

I am really excited to share my FIRST Nail Art Tutorial! I have always been the type of girl who loved changing her nail polish. I learned to paint my nails (myself) at a very young age. Just like with anything, practice really does make perfect. Last week, I dabble in some hand painted artwork. I am currently obsessed with pineapples, like most of you are. I pulled inspiration from one of my summer tanks. 

Check out my tutorial! 

Pretty simple right? 

Here's what you will need: A black base coat. A yellow of your choice and a green. I didn't have an exact green I needed so I mixed the yellow with a blue to get this color. 


1) Paint all your nails black.

2) Swipe the yellow in two random spots on your nails.

3) Using the green, make the steam. I used a thinner brush to paint on my stems. You can use the regular nail polish brush but just make sure you are using a "light hand".

4) Using the black, make criss cross marks on the yellow to make your pineapples "come alive". 

*Finish off with your favorite top coat*

Voila! You're done.

I had a lot of fun creating this nail art tutorial and I hope to make some more. Until next time...............

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Switch Of A Shoe

Hey Loves! 

I am lucky to have the whole summer to attend blogger events and do all the cool things I can't do during the school year. For those of you who don't know and are new to TFBJ, I am a full time teaching assistant. So with that amazing job- I get summers OFF. Sweet, right? Events are never the easiest to attend. Especially when you work full time. At least for me. I always feel like I am packing an overnight bag. Whenever I leave for an event, I do one of two things: 1) Grab a large handbag and 2) Throw a pair of comfy flats in that large bag. I sometimes have to walk blocks after getting off the train or bus. I am not a liar and will tell you that heels are not my first choice when knowing my destination is 2.0 miles away. I do love pretty heels but most of mine are for show and not comfort, unfortunately. Actually, I think I own three pairs of heels that I can say are "comfy".

Moving on...........................................

I wanted to show how a "switch of a shoe" can take your event or work outfit from fancy to dinner plans with friends around the city. I rarely have time in between to go home and change, so I rely on my shoes to change up my look. Instead of grabbing your ordinary flip flop, why not go a wee bit more fashion forward? Check it out! (Warning: this post is a little picture heavy)


In that LARGE bag I was carrying, I had shoes and a change of a vest (just in case). I live in vests during the summer because I don't like bare shoulders. I think I have said this before.......... I know, it's weird but everyone has a thing. Here's my SWITCH!

Jumper: Forever 21/ Vest: Crossroads Trading/ Heels: Yoki Brand/ Pins: SIX/ Sandals: Rocket Dog

Simple and subtle but makes a difference AND my feet don't hate me!  There's so many ways to switch up an outfit, this is one way I depend on. I can't carry a whole wardrobe with me and I rarely ever have time to go home and change, so this works! How do you switch up your outfit? 
Until next time................

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mani Time: Inspired Look

Hey Loves, 

I was browsing Pinterest today for some home decor ideas and I came across this cool image- Which then inspired this weeks DIY Nail Art also known as "Mani Time".  I felt inspired by the colors and grabbed some polishes and started painting. Pretty simple right? 

Image Courtesy of Pinterest. I do not claim ownership of this image.

I picked up some new polishes the other day while shopping in my local drugstore. I had the perfect color palette I wanted to use. Wet n' Wild and Bonita Salon were the perfect combo! 

 Left to Right: Wet n Wild "I Need a Refresh-Mint", Bonita Salon "Honey Me" and Wet n Wild "Sugar Coat" 

I did three coats of "Sugar Coat" and then layered the other two colors with one swipe of the brush. This half color design is kind of my "go to look" for my nails when I want something different but easy. I used a small dotting tool to make the dots. Simple and fun for the summer!

Find me on Instagram or Pinterest for more inspiration! Until next time or next mani................

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Never Too Late To See Stars: Hangover Look

Hey Loves!

I call this my "Hangover Look" because it's the next day. I mean, makes sense right? Since the 4th of July has already passed, it kind of doesn't count as an outfit inspiration but I still want to share it! The weather was super rainy due to the tropical storm that was passing the East Coast, so the Bf and I didn't do much. We did decide to head over to Williamsburg to get some good eats. I know what you are thinking, "you're always in Brooklyn" and yes, yes this is true. 

I kept my look pretty simple (as always).  I actually wore the SAME shirt I did last year because it just seemed right! My post "Red, White and The Bro" was super fun to do because as the title says, my brother made a guest appearance! Different year and now different look. Even though, I didn't get to shoot with my bro, it still was a fun day and FUN shoot.

Check out my look!

Denim: Express/ Sandals: Express/ Shirt: Old Navy/ Sweater: Crossroads Trading

I'm standing weird here BUT the Bf made me laugh so hard and this is kind of how all my shoots end with him! I hope you all had a fab holiday and continue to have a great weekend! Until next time..........

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