Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Perfect Poncho

Hey Loves!

I am not kidding when I say this but I am OVER this weather on the East Coast. OVER IT! Sorry for the yelling but this needs to stop. This past weekend we had one gorgeous day so I pulled out my latest Nasty Gal piece. I bought this open front poncho when they were having a (major) sale. It just looked so comfy and versatile and it definitely IS. I always justify my purchases- I think to myself, "how many times can I wear this?". After wearing it the other day, I can certainly see many more outfits involving this poncho.

I went to a birthday brunch for my friend and it was the perfect "I'm over winter" look. I'm really serious when I say, I am over this weather. Check out how I styled it!

Jeans: Express/ Shirt: Old Navy/ Poncho: Nasty Gal/ Boots: Old Navy/ Necklace: Strawberry/ Gloves: Ebay/ Sunglasses: Ray Ban/ Lipstick: Wet n'Wild/ Bracelet: OASAP

Maybe my next style post will involve some florals and pretty spring colors. Until next time..........

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hey Loves! 

When I attended The Makeup Show Pop-up shop back in December, I came across this awesome brand called Static Nails. They lured me in with their fashion forward fancy manicures. I made a couple of circles around the place and then ended back at their booth. I had to see what it was all about. The owner, Alexis gladly explained everything to me and how it works. My friend Anita, who was with me that day picked up two packs (as a christmas gift) for me to try. I know, it took me so long to use them but FINALLY- I have! I honestly can't remember the last time I had long nails. Even though I prefer my nails to be on the shorter side, I have been admiring the stiletto nail trend for a while now. Lets be honest- it is EVERYWHERE. Ultimately, I was able to try it without any real commitment. Perfect, right?

Moving on.....................

Static Nails gives you the option to switch up your nails with their reusable, paintable AND shapable manicure! The set comes complete with a file, nail glue and 24 reusable nails. There are 12 different sizes, so you're guaranteed a great fit. 

I kept them on for a few days but I just couldn't hang. I felt like I was incapable of doing anything. This is because I ALWAYS keep my nails short. The nails did hold up, I kept the glue in my purse just in case but I didn't need it. I ran my finger tips under hot water and just popped them off. I personally found that so easy! I stored them back in their bag and put them away, just in case.

Here are some tips:

* Make sure your nail bed is clean
* Check the sizes before you start with the glue so there aren't any confusion
* A little glue goes a long way

I did receive many compliments on my nails. None of them came from my boyfriend, he actually hated them. What attracted people to them was the matte black finish. It gave it a nice edge. I do see myself using this set again in the future. It was fun to have fancy nails for a bit! You can check out this set and others on their site here. Some sets are on sale! 

Until next time.........

Sunday, February 22, 2015

One Sweet Day | At Home With Me

Hey Loves! 

My week of being on vacation is over and you wouldn't believe it but I've been sick all week. Now, I'm ending my week with an eye infection. Perfect right? Not really but you know, sh*t happens. The next upcoming weeks are going to be crazy for me because I will be back to work (which is full time) AND I'm going back to school.  In between all this and life, I need time to blog. I know what you're thinking- why the heck would I do all of this to myself? Well, it's simple- I'm crazy. No, seriously that's my reasoning. This weekend I took some time to get myself together and prepare for the next few weeks. I composed some future posts and relaxed with the puppies in between. 

When I'm in "getting ready to organize my life" mode, there's a few things I need- My laptop, my phone, some earbuds to pump the new Drake mixtape (which I can't stop listening to) AND a comfy space. I always head to my bedroom because it's roomy and bright. This will be a blog FIRST. Are you ready for this? If you haven't already scrolled down, you haven't seen it yet. I'm wearing SWEATS!!! Surprise! This is actually how I lay around my apartment. 

I don't normally wear glasses but my eye is kind of swollen so you know, I had to dress it up. It just made sense to me. It was this or my sunglasses and that definitely didn't make sense. (Glasses are from Express). 

My ice cream cone headphones (find here) and phone case (find here) are from Ankit. They have the cutest techie things! I've gotten so many compliments on my phone case! The headphones I use at home because they slip out a bit- I unfortunately have tiny ear holes. If you check out their site, you can save 20% on these products by using my code FBJ20 at checkout! The code is valid until March 1rst- so hurry up and go! 

I hope the next few weeks go smoothly. I have more coming up soon! Stay tuned and don't forget to stop by TheAnkit.com to save 20% on cute things! Until next time.........

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Really Wear | My Style Story

Hey Loves, 

Style isn't something that is made to stay the same forever. Just like your life, your style should evolve. Even though you're changing there's a tiny part of you that will always be that girl (or guy) that loves to eat the cake batter off the spoon, right? Same concept with your style- you may adapt to the trends but you always stay true to who you are. When I look back at past post on TFBJ and if you know me in real life, I am happy to say that 99% of my style posts are things I would wear in my day to day life. That 1% involves a shoe switch after a few hours BUT still very true to who I am. I love trying new trends, even the "over the top" ones but I always end up with a casual look. But listen, my casual may be VERY different from what you consider casual.

Moving on................

Last week, I shared a couple of shoots I did with my friend Sally (here)- This is what I actually wore to her studio. My favorite pair of Nikes and an oversized sweater. I could seriously LIVE in this outfit. This is what I consider casual. I went through a phase of "I'm not wearing sneakers" BUT that wasn't me and like I stated before, your style can definitely change a bit but there's a little part that stays the same. That's what makes your look organic. With me, the little sneaker head of a teenager never left and I'm totally ok with that. Check out my look!   

Jeans: Forever 21/ Sneakers: Nike/ Sweater: Mandee/ Jacket: Old Navy/ Hat: Six

I seriously always have my ankles exposed. It's like "my thing" but it sucks when it's 4 degrees out. 

What's your style story? How has your style stayed the same or changed? Until next time.............

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Shop, Therefore I Am

Hey Loves!

The season of huge chunky sweaters are in full swing. Especially when your weather app is telling you, it's 4 degrees out. The slightest thought of having to leave my apartment is just dreadful. My bf and I decided to do an indoor activity, so we headed to the mall. He had to make up for working on Valentine's Day. He treated me to some shopping and lunch. I was just happy to NOT be outdoors. Whenever I go to the mall, I always dress light- what's worse than getting hot with tons of layers on AND not being able to take any of it off? OR having to carry a heavy jacket? Ugh, the thought of all of this gives me anxiety and stress! 

I did get to wear my cozy sweater I picked up from the Nasty Gal website (on sale). This sweater is the equivalent to wrapping five polar bears around you or having them hug you. I like the hugging concept better. It was the perfect sweater to throw a faux leather jacket over. I mean, I was only going from my apartment to the car and then the car to the mall. So I survived. 

Sweater: Nasty Gal/ Jeans: Old Navy/ Bag: TJ MAXX/ Boots: Target/ Lips: OCC "Lydia" Liner + MAC's "Fashion Revival"

These pics were totally candid- doesn't everyone pose while trying on hats? Or while shopping? 

Side Note: I should have bought that hat BUT my bf claimed it was "too much"- I mean, what does he know? 

Shopping is definitely one of my favorite cold weather activities. The only problem is that if this weather keeps up, I may end up poor. Spring, where are you? Until next time.............

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jamming With Jamberry Nail Wraps

Hey Loves! 

Did you ever think that you would need a blowdryer for an easy peasy manicure? This is my second time trying the Jamberry Nail Wraps and I'm pretty obsessed. I love doing my nails- it's almost relaxing for me to paint my nails. Unfortunately, I don't always have time to jazz them up AND wait for them to dry. Jamberry gives you so many options for a super cool manicure, ANYTIME and NO DRYING time! Their vinyl wraps are easy to apply at home and did I already say "No drying time"? 

Since it's Valentine's Day weekend, I'm sharing their "Love Spell" pack! Jamberry nail vinyls are available in over 300 designs and you can create custom designs on their site! This is my second time using this pack and I still have enough left over for another set.  

Here are some application tips which were provided by Jamberry:

  • Remove all excess oil and moisture from nails and nail bed with nail polish remover and or rubbing alcohol
  • Heat nail wrap until soft and flexible
  • Press wrap onto nail with pressure as it cools
  • Apply additional heat to seal it
  • Trim excess material and file in a downward motion to finish application

The sheets run for about $15 and you can find them on JamberryNails.com

"Marsala Mirage & Marsala in Bloom" Shown here
To be honest, I had a really hard time the first time I tried to apply them. I think because it was 12am on a weeknight- I'm old and I should have already been in bed at that time. Even though I didn't love the way they turned out the first time, I still got tons of compliments on them and they lasted for over a week. I actually had to pull them off to reapply a new set. The second time was much easier and they're still not perfect but they look cute!

Happy Vday Lovers and until next time.........................

*Products were provided for my post. I was not compensated and this is my honest review* 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Don't Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen

 Hey Loves!
I love a comfy tee, something that fits as if it was made for you. Enter The Queen Assembly tee i'm wearing in this post. If you haven't heard yet, you're missing something really big. If you are a male reader, this is your time to scroll past the words and just go straight to the pictures. 
Let me just give you a little backstory on TQA. I joined The Queen Assembly over a year ago (it may almost be two years)- I'm kind of lucky that I'm friends with the founder. Steph (founder) has such a great vision for TQA. It supports the age old phrase "Women Empowering Women". Unfortunately in the time we live in, women forget to support each other. Most of them are too busy competing with one and another. Hey ladies, just in case you didn't know- there's room for all of us at the top. Trust me. 
Moving on..........
I finally had the chance to style this cute tee. I paired it with my leather skirt for a little feminine edge. Just the way I like it! 

Cardigan: Kensie/ Tee: find here/ Skirt: Target/ Tights: Gap/ Shoes: Sam & Libby for Target

Check out the TQA site for more details and to purchase this tee (here). What I love most about this shirt is what it stands for. I truly do believe in supporting one another and I wear my shirt proud! Until till next time..............


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