Sunday, January 29, 2012


We all have a pair (or two) that we almost want to burst out in tears while wearing. This is one of my pairs. Here's my story.
I went shoe shopping (my favorite type of shopping) one day with my best friend so she could get boots. We visited the sale section before leaving the store. I came across these beautiful pair of Betsey Johnson pumps. I adore Betsey Johnson shoes because the fabrics and patterns she uses are so punk chic. Just my type of look. I fell in love immediately. I tried them on and they fit perfectly.
On a side note- I don't know if anyone else realizes this, but almost every single shoe store is covered in carpet. Aren't they little geniuses? The carpet tricks you into thinking the shoe is comfortable. So let's just say I was tricked.
The price was undeniably the best! It was marked down to 70% off. I had to get them!
Skip to last night- I went to a lovely dinner and decided to wear them since I haven't. When I put them on in the house, I prayed to the shoe gods there weren't any stairs I had to walk up or down. I thought I was gonna die. But, to look cute you have to suffer the pain right? That's what I believe in. The shoe completed my outfit. Even though I experienced a "Shoe-icide" last night, they looked absolutely amazing on my feet! ;) So the moral of the story? No pain, No gain.
Here's a couple of tips if you ever come across your own pair of Killer Heels.
•You can purchase a shoe insole for pumps. They give you a little more of a cushion on the balls of your feet. So your feet won't feel like they are on fire either.
•Bring a change of shoes so at the end of the night you can definitely throw them off and feel comfortable

Just a little shoe story I needed to share with my FB Junkies on this wonderful Sunday.
Peace, Love and Fashion

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